DJ Zenas Returns with New Buzz “I Like The Stock”


“I like the stock, haters don complain a lot, I just do my thang and watch…”

– quote from “I Like The Stock”

Multitalented Disk Jockey- DJ Zenas has once again blessed the airways with a brand new tone he titles “I Like The Stock.”

In recent times, Wall Street got hit by a magical force that it could barely control as GameStop stocks spiked drastically, making it possible for hundreds of thousands who own stock in the company to a whole lot of profit from this slight glitch.

On this track, DJ Zenas celebrates this massive wave of the stock market, which favored hundreds of thousands of Americans, helping them get closer to achieving financial freedom, especially during a period when the global pandemic has crippled economic activities and thrown families into penury.

As the stock market suddenly swung in favor of the common man. In his usual fearless way, DJ Zenas shares his thought on this unusual market switch in this new song. We will all recall that he had also released the song “I Voted” after he cast his vote during the presidential elections last year.

DJ Zenas was born in Denver, but he moved to Dallas, Texas, to build a career in the music industry. His career took a significant leap after he linked up with highly-celebrated R&B producer Jon-John Robinson, who helped produce most of his monster hits. They have stamped DJ Zenas’ name on the sand of time, also as a rapper and singer who’s in this game to stay.

Check out this phenomenal track and leave your thoughts below.






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