Kayla Rae Drops New Single “Wasted” ft Atlus

Kayla Rae

“I thought it would have made me better, thought it would have made me stronger, but instead my eyes are wetter, and I can’t help but think it’s just wasted…”

– quote from “Wasted”

Talented R&B singer and songwriter Kayla Rae releases a new R&B soul track, “Wasted,” featuring Atlus.

The new song “Wasted” is beautiful music with heartstring-pulling lyrics to match the soulful, slow-tempo acoustic tune. Already boasting over 70,000 views on YouTube, Kayla Rae and Atlus’s emotional duet track is a song of a love affair that did not work out. The sincerity and passion with which she and Atlus sing about all the time invested in a relationship they had hoped would make them better but instead turned out to be a wasted effort is very contagious. Anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak over the end of a relationship, especially one where they invested themselves wholly, can easily relate to this song.

Kayla Rae and Atlus spin a melancholic melody with their words. The silvery smoothness of Kayla Rae’s coffee-laced-with-honey-and-cream voice blends enchantingly with the throaty baritone of Atlus’s voice.


“Wasted” depicts how she felt during the period when she was going through a rough patch. As though everything she did was for nothing and nothing mattered, “all these time wasted…” She learned over time, however, that no time is ever wasted because there is always a life lesson to learn in every situation.

Coming into the musical limelight in 2018 with the release of her debut single, “Practice,” Kayla Rae has been working consistently to make her musical career successful. She made a move from Colorado Springs to Denver to actualize her dreams of being a singer. Kayla spends most of her time in the studio creating beautiful music for herself and other artists. With a growing fan base, she releases touching, relatable songs that keep her fans enthralled.








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