Willie Spence Reveals Soulful Tune “So Gone”

Willie Spence

“Baby, you and I, when we’re together I feel so alive, you’re the only one I love and what I need babe…”

– quote from “So Gone”

Atlanta-based singer Willie Spence just released his new song titled “So Gone.” On a warm beat with soulful vocals, Willie touches on how a person can be so in love that they are “so gone”. When speaking on the song, he explained, “I was used to writing about heartbreak, but I wanted to make a love song.” “So Gone” is coupled with a visual that stars Famous Ocean and Luh Kel.

Willie Spence uses his timbre, tenor, and tone to tell stories through his music. The emotions echo through his voice as if revealing his identity in each run, verse, and chorus. In his soulful delivery, he amplifies true trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Fans immediately gravitate towards the shy yet powerful Florida-born and Georgia-based vocalist.

Willie racked up nearly 50 million YouTube views and getting his shine on with Steve Harvey. His voice resonates like never before on a series of singles in 2021.

Check out “So Gone,” and be sure to add it to your playlist.





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