Toryia Gives Her Perception on Love in “Outspoken”


“Something’s going on, what you got to hide? Should have known better, feeling so fed up…”

– quote from “Outspoken”

London singer-songwriter Toryia just released a new song titled “Outspoken.” The track is Toryia’s reflection of her perception of life. She created the piece to reflect that although we live in a society constructed of laws, there’s no guidance when it comes to love. Love is risky and an experience that builds you.

Ever since her childhood, Toryia’s dream was inspired by her love for the arts and self-expression. She discovered her talent at a very young age and was selected as a lead performer in musicals and joined a choir as a soprano singer. Shortly after, she got accepted to a top regional school for music, where she developed her talents more. When describing her love for music, she said, “I always felt the need to express myself through music. There was no doubt in my mind, I wanted to be a singer, a artist! Even when it seemed impossible, I never stopped working on my goals or lost any hope.”

In 2010, Toryia began writing, taking famous instruments, and turning them into her own songs. She focuses on crafting her own unique style of angelic vocals with a blend of R&B/Soul, Trap, and Pop sounds.

Toryia’s goal is to inspire others to follow their passion.






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