Gabrielle Current Drops Newest Track “Down the Line”

Gabrielle Current

“You tell me that you love, but it’s fake, pretend, how am I suppose to believe you darling…”

– quote from “Down the Line”

Los Angeles songstress Gabrielle Current just dropped a bedroom R&B pop scene with her latest track, “Down the Line.” The song is a follow-up to Current’s highly praised singles “Plenty” and “Undercover.”

In “Down the Line,” Gabrielle Current reels you in with her silky and nostalgic vocals on top of a gorgeous melancholic piano. The melody evolves as the tempo shifts in the hook and gives us a classic ’90s throwback feel.

Gabrielle shares, “Down the Line’ definitely set the tone for this project. It was the first song I wrote for the EP, and all the songs that followed are really just extensions of the struggle I felt during that time. It’s a reflection of my ability to process change and experience the freedom that comes with it. It was through the letting go of a familiar relationship that I gained an independence and a type of freedom that could only come from me.”

Gabrielle grew up surrounded by the arts. She spent much of her young years modeling and was exposed to the creative industries, and spent her free time at performing art schools. After high school, she got into songwriting.

Now she is stepping out as an artist in her own right and has worked with notable producers such as Mark Pelli and Charlie Perry. Her forthcoming debut EP was created in collaboration with Austin Brown.




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