WithLoveXavier Releases “For What” ft 9d4 JU


“Guess you never been in love before, tell me all your insecurities, right now I ain’t feeling you, all that you accusing me…”

– quote from “For What”

Brooklyn, New York singer-songwriter WithLoveXavier releases his second song titled “For What” from his debut album “This Is Fine.” In the track, he collaborates with 9d4 JU. He shares his story about insecurities when jumping into a new relationship and how past traumas and toxic chemistry often carry on into a new relationship with a completely different person.

WithLoveXavier has a unique way of sharing his emotions with every listener that turns on his music. He says, “When you listen to my music, you’re listening to my heart. You hear my love, happiness and you hear my heartbreak and pain. Music is my way of opening up to the world, you get the real me.”

For as long as WithLoveXavier remembers, his passion for songwriting has been his focal point. He creates music that relates to a wide range of people. He’s rising as one of the most influential artists of his generation.





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