S.L.Y.C.K Releases Video for her Freestyle “Ego”


“Don’t know who you dealing with, that’s right I’m back, yeah I been gone, no cap…”

– quote from “Ego”

Grime goddess S.L.Y.C.K drops the visuals for her freestyle jam, “Ego.”

Her attitude all but shoots out confidence as she spits out the blazing hot bars of her track. “Ego” is all about confidence as seen in a contemporary, young woman who is very much aware of her worth, especially in her field. The track was written and performed by talented rap queen S.L.Y.C.K. She asserts herself to her audience in the song, leaving us in no doubt that she is here to make her mark and not going anywhere soon. As an emcee, she has the confidence, zest, charisma, and vibe to rise above and excel in the industry. She is at the top of her game.

Generally, people regard ego as something negative. When the word is used, it is usually portrayed in a negative context. S.L.Y.C.K believes that ego is self-belief, and she makes that very obvious in her music video as she performs. She is very confident in her abilities as an emcee. She strongly feels that she is the one people should look out for, the voice to be listened to.

Part of the reason for the release of “Ego” is to create a sense of anticipation about S.L.Y.C.K’s mixtape, “The Hot Sauce,” which will be out by summer this year. “Ego” is sure to get her audience buzzing with excitement and whet their appetite for the soon-to-be-released mixtape. She is also set to release a mouth-watering R&B song, “Come Thru.” Usually, grime rapping is her strong suit, but in “Come Thru,” she delves into R&B. It’s sure to be a hit!

S.L.Y.C.K is a native of Hackney, East London. She is a British emcee, singer, and dancer. One really amazing fact about her is that she is a former dance choreographer. She delved into music at a very young age starting out by writing poetry at 7. Her first music video is “The Watchers.” S.L.Y.C.K is one of the UK’s promising artists that is fast rising to the top.









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