Willie Bee Drops Strip Club Anthem “Bounce” ft Jay Fizzle

Willie Bee

“Ordered fifty thousand ones bout to get it crackin’. Left cheek, right cheek she gon twerk for daddy…”

– quote from “Bounce”

Willie Bee does it again with his new energetic hit “Bounce.” The track shows the Atlanta nightlife up-tempo lifestyle while bringing along PRE’s Jay Fizzle on this Strip Club anthem.

Selling out of trap houses and bobbing and weaving through shootouts was the norm for Atlanta rapper Willie Bee. Three separate arrests over five years were God’s way of pushing him into the art of rap. What sets him apart from other rappers is that he creates music straight from the soul. His music gives listeners good vibes that can be felt and real knowledge about the hardships of life.

In 2017, Willie released his first project, “711,” and has been rapping ever since. He is also the CEO of his own independent record label, Bounce Back Records.

Coming from a city where talent is plentiful, Willie Bee’s mission is to continue working hard and climb to the top of the charts. He’s received praise from publications like Say Cheese, Hype Magazine, and World Star, to name a few.




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