FCG Heem Drops Another Musical Bomb “Need It”

FCG Heem

“And I’m racing to that money cuz I need it. Don’t nobody care about your vision just believe it …”

– quote from “Need It”

Critically appraised rapper FCG Heem drops another musical bomb in the hip-hop world, “Need It.”

The song, which has over twenty-five thousand views on YouTube in just 5 days after it was premiered, is another evidence that Heem is without a doubt gifted in his craft. The track has a staccato rhythm that complements the strains of his smooth, passionate vocals. His lines are tight and witty, falling in tune with the very catchy beat’s rapid cadence. The spry video clip has Heem and his people energetically performing to the action-spurring jam. FCG Heem spits out bars as hot as an inferno dropping some punch lines along the way like the first line from his hook, “And I’m racing to that money cuz I need it.”

“Need It” is a street jam with motivational lyrics. FCG Heem implores his audience to keep pushing their goals and reminding them that even if nobody cares about their vision, they should not stop believing in their dreams.


A native of the rugged part of Shallow Side in Lauderdale, Florida, HioHopDx and HotNewHipHop star FCG Heem transforms the story of his life’s struggles to moving melodies and stimulating lyrics. He discovered his love for music when he was just a three-year-old boy. Heem would entertain his family, singing along to karaoke and free-styling. He grew up in a household of Jamaican descent. This exposed him to reggae music and made him develop a love for artists like Sizzle alongside his passion for hip-hop and R&B music.

Heem became more focused on his musical career in 2018 after losing his job at Walmart and being a father. He uploaded his songs on Soundcloud, which rapidly gained recognition, especially after celebrity Eddie Jackson excitedly shared his music online with some very positive reviews. Heem has worked on some projects like “Letter To My People” EP and “Street Virus” EP and is currently working on a new project led by the single, “Haha.”






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