Hiway “Top Floor” ft Tech N9ne & Braye Nicole

Hiway Tech N9ne & Braye Nicole

“We light up the city, shining bright from the top floor…”

– quote from “Top Floor”

Fast-rising music sensation Hiway has begun the year on a high note as he releases this new song titled “Top Floor.” On this joint, he features the legendary Tech N9ne alongside Braye Nicole.

This track, which talks about love, light, and positivity, is specially crafted for this present time, as the world needs all the optimism it can get to overcome the raging pandemic.

Hopping on an upbeat production, the Humboldt rapper Hiway, once again, goes hard with his wordplay, and Tech N9ne, who never disappoints, crowns it all with his lyrical prowess. Brayne Nicole’s vocal dexterity creates an infectious hook with the anthem.

Hiway is a hardcore rapper from Humboldt County, California. He has been around the musical block for a while, and each time he hops in the booth, best believe that he’d be dropping a banger. He’s best known for his versatility, jumping smoothly from one genre of music to the next with a smooth and effortless vibe. “Top Floor” can be found on his newest album “Damaged Goods”, which is out now and is receiving very high praise.








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