FCG Heem Drops New Single “Peace and Positivity”

FCG Heem

“My mama knowing I’m paid, she can finally get some rest now…”

– quote from “Peace and Positivity”

Fast-rising Florida artist FCG Heem has kicked off the new year by releasing a new single he calls “Peace and Positivity.”

On this track, which comes closely after the release of his 2020 single, “Haha.” FCG Heem talks about his life and the way people hate and envy his success without knowing what he has been through.

With a hardcore piano-laden beat and hypnotic melody, FCG Heem once again shows off his wordplay prowess on this track as he delivers his lyrics. As always, he has something to tell those who never believed in him but later became believers after they saw that he was bent on achieving all that he set his heart to achieve. He also inspires others to, just like him, continue working hard no matter what naysayers say.


The video is a pure representation of the positive energy that FCG Heem embodies. It shows him and his friends in high spirits, celebrating success and positivity.

The song has so far received positive reviews from fans. With almost 34,000 views and counting on YouTube, this track is on to a good start. FCG Heem continues to create more awesome songs for his fans as he prepares to release his new project by March.

FCG Heem was born in the Shallow Side in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started experimenting with music at the tender age of three when his father bought a karaoke machine. He spent most of his childhood leisure time freestyling and singing along to the beats on the karaoke machine as the family cheers him on.

His Jamaican descent naturally conferred on him the reggae vibe, but he also delved into hip-hop and R&B. His biggest inspirations are Sizzla and 50 Cent. After he lost his Walmart job in 2018, FCG Heem took on to music full-time. He started uploading tracks on SoundCloud, and ever since, the rest has been history.

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