Tain Releases Anthem for the Year “20/20”


“Blood thicker than water, you can drown in both…”

– quote from “20/20”

Hip-hop sensation Tain recently dropped an anthem for the year “20/20”. The year 2020 has undoubtedly been the most challenging year we have ever seen, especially with the pandemic, which has killed many people. In this song, Tain raps about the souls that we lost, the pain that afflicted our world, and all that humanity is doing in the bid to survive.

Tain style of music speaks to the soul. He combines rap and pop, laced with passionate lyrical prowess. Born and bred in Denver, Colorado, Tain started exploring his musical talent at an early age. When he and his mom, a travel nurse, moved to Virginia and Iowa, he decided to get serious about his career. He became a part of the defunct group “Rich City Screw,” which became quite popular in Richmond, performing in pubs and musical shows.

Tain was blown away by how people responded positively to his music, starting from the first day he performed with this group in a restaurant. At that moment, he resolved that this music thing is his forte, so he decided to take the deep dive. After investing so much time and passion in honing his wordplay and lyrical dexterity, Tain finally launched into the music scene in 2007.

Tain is an energetic performer. He says that nothing gives him so much passion as performing to people who know his song’s lyrics and actually sing along during his performances.








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