Cokah Releases Music Video for “Boom Boom Boom”


“I ain’t really out here judging, but if you on a broke h* budget, keep shi* cute, say nothing…”

– quote from “Boom Boom Boom”

“Boom Boom Boom” by the Brooklyn queen Cokah is a sizzling jam with a popping video that makes us desperate for summer and impatient for the winter months to come to an end. This hip-hop song is a smoldering hit that came at a perfect time, leaving the audience with a déjà vu of the summer goodness and the amazing parties from those times. Just like the artist, the song “Boom Boom Boom” is very energetic, sexy, and fun.

The popping video is perfectly in sync with the high-powered single track. The video is a vibrant, non-stop, pumped up party from the beginning to the end. The clip begins with an opening shot of Cokah against a multi-color backdrop as she opens a film slate and then snaps it shut. The scene transitions to a yellow backdrop with Cokah kneeling regally, wearing a baby pink silk robe and beautifully styled red hair. Scenes of her and her friends follow this at the pool having a fun party, running around happily in the grass and splashing water at themselves. The entire effect is made livelier by the animated “boom” that keeps popping in and out of the frame. The video is a tantalizing, creative combination of a pool party and a comic book.

A songwriter, rapper, and singer Cokah come from Brooklyn, New York. Her interest in poetry, which started at a young age, stimulated her progression into a lyricist. In 2013, Cokah started making waves after uploading some freestyle to her Facebook account. Ever since then, she has been making moves in Brooklyn cyphers and battle stages. In the 2017 Kevin Lilies Freestyle 50 competition, she was the sole female finalist. Other artists like Tee Grizley and Reddman were also in the competition. A development deal was signed between Grammy-winning super-producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis and Cokah in 2018. Cokah’s debut EP, Pink Pantha was released in November 2019.

Although the queen of rap, Cokah, is new to the music scene, she came in with a good dose of the kind of confidence possessed by legendary rappers who precede her. She exudes confidence in her art and takes her career very seriously, and this is very obvious to all who listen to her music. However, she still knows how to have fun and shows her audience exactly that in her new single. She is bold and very comfortable in her sexuality. She knows her worth and does not let anyone forget that or take advantage of her.

Other singles by Cokah include “No Favors,” “Stuck on Stupid,” and “IDK.” Having over three million streaming acts across major platforms, Cokah has been making waves in the hip-hop industry.






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