Cardi B is Set To Star in “Assisted Living”

Cardi B
Photo Credit: Chrisallmeid

Cardi B is set to play a small-time crook name Amber in “Assisted Living.” After a heist goes wrong and the cops are on her tail, she transforms into a granny in a nursing home to hideout.

She previously landed supporting roles in movies like “Hustlers,” but she’s starting with her first leading role this year.

In 2019, Cardi told Ellen that she wasn’t prepared for the long hours she had to put in for filming.

“I couldn’t believe I was on set for 16 hours,” Cardi said. “It’s like, ‘Is this what actors and actresses gotta go through?’ ” “Artists, we have long days, but it’s just full of excitement. We move around, we doin’ something,” Cardi said. “[Acting], you like, you gotta wait on the trailer until it’s your turn. You gotta do the same scene 20 times.”

“I enjoy the checks,” Cardi joked.

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