SR TheMveMnt Starts the Year Off with “Suburbans”

SR TheMveMnt

“To make my ends meet, imma run this shi* just like a track meet, imma star, n** want me dead, but it ain’t no dead in me…”

– quote from “Suburbans” Hip-hop rapper SR TheMveMnt dropped his first single right at the beginning of this year titled “Suburbans.” “Suburbans” is a very groovy song with a catchy tune. It tells a moving story of the SR’s rise from humble beginnings in the hood to a comfortable, suburban ride.

SR TheMveMnt creatively blends sweet rhythmic cadence with deep heartfelt lyrics and his smooth, melodious voice in this beautiful song. He talks about his struggle and eventual rise to the top, how he lived in the hood, and now is living the suburban life, sipping bourbons with his friends. He faced some challenges and contentions in the journey to his success. He took some losses, but that did not deter him from pushing forward and aiming for greater heights while he keeps hustling and grinding. He prays every day, and that keeps his faith strong even in the face of trials and tests. He admits that he still cries, and that is why he has teardrops tattooed on his face.


SR TheMveMnt is an Omaha, Nebraska born artist. He is a very talented rising artist with a story to tell the world. He has a unique way of combining smooth rhythms with melodies that stir emotions. From the first notes of his song, SR capture the ears and attention of his audience. SR TheMveMnt has other songs like “What’s Love,” “Cross Me,” “Up in the Hills,” “Rich Knot Famous,” “Early Mornings,” “Family Tree,” “Manifest,” “Love Bro,” “Morning in the Hills,” and some other songs credited to him. He is on the path set for legendary greatness.

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