TNT Ladiies Drops Sizzling Hot Single “All Smoke”

TNT Ladiies

“Where my bad bi*ches at, tell that n*** betta run up them racks…”

– quote from “All Smoke”

The Toronto-based female duo, TNT Ladiies drops a sizzling hot single, “All Smoke”.

Another banging production from Smokeshop Music, “All Smoke” is a hit with the TNT Ladiies spitting bars hotter than a dragon spits fire! This single is one off of their upcoming album, “Pay to Play”. The audience can hear and feel the passion, energy, and larger-than-life vibe that the girls exude in this upbeat track. “All Smoke” is a catchy combination of that drill rap sound and the signature voices of the TNT Ladiies. The girls rap about working relentlessly, securing the bag, touring the world, and pressing forward – not minding challenges or obstacles that try to stop them, not wasting time on chit chat, but getting the bag early in the morning.

Women are finally taking their place in the hip-hop world and creating a niche for themselves in the hip-hop kingdom. Taaylee and Talentsz are part of those who have burst their way into the industry, spitting explosive bars, ready for war, and coming together to form the combustible Toronto-based duo, TNT Ladiies.


Formerly music video vixens, Taaylee and Talentsz had an impressive credit list and modeled in the music videos of artists like Jamaican reggae singer’s “Naked” and Canadian rapper, TwoTwo’s “Griselda Blanco”.

By 2020, TNT Ladiies had released four singles and music videos. In the beat and lyrics of each single, sensual pride and 100% Toronto confidence can be heard.

TNT Ladiies are progressively creating waves. They encourage and empower young women to not lose focus on the pursuit of their monetary goals. They also encourage young women to prioritize self-love and to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones, reach for their dreams, and achieve happiness.

Other songs by TNT Ladiies are “Everytime”, “Like Us”, “Savage”, and “Front Door”.








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