Ktlyn Delivers a Steamy Vibe in “Manifest”


“Hop in the pool, that 42 I’ll drink for the night, hella broke, but really nice, that’s not my type…”

– quote from “Manifest”

If you haven’t heard about San Diego, California rapper Ktlyn, then you should give her new track “Manifest” a listen.

In “Manifest” Ktlyn delivers a steamy, mellow vibe, but the track also slaps. She talks about trying to manifest big things for 2021.

Ktlyn likes to create empowering music for women. That’s usually where her lyrics stem from. Her journey started after she watched “You Got Served” for the first time.


She plans to push her music and elevate herself to being a top musician. Check her out and be sure to add her music to your playlist!

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