Datta Boy Releases Banging New Music Video “Pull Up”

Datta Boy

“You done screwed yourself with a couple of flatheads and a Phillips, imma nasty, nasty n***, see the words that I spit up…”

– quote from “Pull Up”

Datta Boy releases banging new music video “Pull Up” starring Tommy “Tiny” Zeus Lister aka Deebo from Friday.

“Pull Up”, which was produced by Kenneth English and directed by Ralph Lawrence Mariano depicted a young man who was bullied and his girl was taken from him by the neighborhood bully (cast by late Tom Lister). Datta Boy, one of his friends, buoys his courage and motivates him to go and get her back. His brave attempt ended with a knockout blow delivered by the giant bully, which threw him to the ground while his friends watched in amazement.

Datta Boy displays his dexterity as a rapper in this smooth flow of words with a strong cadence which keeps the viewer entertained by the drama being played out while vibing to the catchy tune.

Multifaceted Los Angeles, California artist, Datta Boy started rapping at the age of 11 and his love of music has not waned since then. He played fullback for the Wolf-Pack at the University of Nevada Reno and he was a hybrid blocker for the Thunder Birds (T-Birds) at Southern Utah University when he took a break from music to chase his football career. He played professional football for a year after his graduation, after which he quit and returned to music that he has always loved.

Datta Boy has released a mix-tape titled “Black Ink” as well as 3 music videos: “Fell So Far”, “A Wave of My Own” featuring Ronny Bueller, and “THREAT”. All 3 videos were directed by Ralph Lawrence Mariano and his assistant director Jose “No-Face” Quintanilla. Actress, singer, and dancer Rhyon Nicole Brown, who has a hit single on the radio “California” and her older sister, singer-songwriter and actress RaVaughn Nichelle Brown are Datta Boy’s cousins.

The Late Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who played the character Deebo in the movie “Friday” and who is known as Zeus to the WWE Universe, stars in the music video “Pull Up” as the character of the bully. Lister started his career as a pro wrestler and became an actor who had a pretty successful career starring in some movies – the most notable of which was “Friday” where he portrayed the character of Deebo. Lister’s manager, Cindy Cowan described him as a gentle giant with a broad smile who will be missed by many. 




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