Abigail Bleu Releases New Soulful Single “Gifted”

Abigail Bleu

“Baby I need your love, I was looking for love until you came, you never make me wait…”

– quote from “Gifted”

Abigail Bleu, multi-talented singer and songwriter, releases a new soulful R&B single “Gifted”.

“Gifted” is a creative and emotional R&B song with a catchy tune. Abigail deftly spins smooth vocals and sentimental lyrics with a tranquil melody to create a dreamy aura.

Abigail Bleu was raised in a family of musicians and music lovers. She’s had a special love and interest for music from a young age and has been drawn to artists like Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse. As a little girl, the journey of her musical career began in her bedroom with just her voice, a guitar, and the passion to touch lives with her music. As a lover of Jesus, she had a place on the stage in church during Sunday morning worship. She is firmly grounded in her roots, which defines who she is and what she works on. Her debut single, “Better than Alexis” is a product of several hours spent in the studio creating different sounds. Abigail identifies the song as “the highlight of a playful and addictive relationship.”

She gives credit to her parents who have always motivated and encouraged her to pursue her musical career. Current artists like Ariana Grande and Rihanna have also been sources of inspiration to her in her musical career. In the song “Gifted”, she takes us through an emotional voyage of love and all the different ways she feels whenever she is with her lover. He makes her feel safe, cherished, and cared for in the relationship. She is addicted to being around him. He pays attention to her needs and he makes it easy for her to talk to him because he listens to her. When she is not with him she feels crushed. She declares that he is gifted in making her feel the way she does. She was searching for love before he came along and she’s excited whenever he is around. She would do anything he wants in order to also make him feel happy. She needs him by her side to go through all the things going on for her.

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