D’rock Releases New Single “Don’t Wanna Talk”


“Leave it alone, just leave it alone, you know you was wrong, you Had me fooled, singing ya song…”

– quote from “Don’t Wanna Talk”

D’rock passionately expresses his feelings of betrayal and pain in this emotional Spanglish R&B magic titled “Don’t Wanna Talk”. In an adept fusion of English and Spanish lyrics over rhythmic drill-style production, he expresses his grief about a past love relationship in which his trust was betrayed. Anyone who has invested wholly in a relationship, giving his time, love and respect yet not getting the same commitment from a partner and is fed up can easily relate to this melancholic song.

D’rock is a viral internet sensation and an artist who makes beautiful music for dreamers. A native of Cape Verde, he exudes positive vibes; a hardworking young man whose energy is a true personification of the word “hustle”. Since coming to America and making his home in Los Angeles, he strives to inspire those who face hardships as he once did using his smooth vocals and sentimental lyrics. Like an exotic cocktail, his music is a peculiar brand of hip hop laced with a heavy island influence stemming from his Cape Verdean roots. His cheerful disposition and infectious smile has endeared him to the hearts of audiences worldwide thus earning him over a million followers on Instagram and TikTok. With the release of his new single, “Arenas”, D’rock steps into a whole new era making it known to his many fans that he is just getting started.

D’rock reveals that “Don’t Wanna Talk” is a song that is inspired by being in a relationship that is filled with lies and betrayal, and from having a partner who plays the victim and yet hides many dark secrets.

The music video features artists Siya and $avay in a representation of the affair that totally broke his trust.







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