Cmo Marcello Presents “Lost Files”

Cmo Marcello

“Imma jump out with this Draco yeah, imma swang that bi*ch like a guitar, imma blow up that big bi*ch and stop the car…”

– quote from “Lost Files”

Baton Rogue, Louisiana artist Cmo Marcello has a new tone for the streets. On this one which he titles “Lost Files”, Cmo Marcello spits hard lyrical representation of life on the streets. In this video, he raps about violence going on in his city, and how it has made him hardened and determined to excel.

As one who hails from Baton Rouge, we all expect nothing less from Cmo Marcello than lyrical ingenuity. From his music, he has proven that he truly knows his spice. Growing up in the same neighborhood where outstanding veterans like Kevin Gates, Webbie, and Boosie came from have really influenced his talent. The same influence could be seen in the new crop of artists from this neighborhood like Young Boy Never Broke Again. 

Emcees from the Baton Rogue are known to be lyrical beasts, and their styles are influenced by the nature of their city – and that’s exactly what Cmo Marcello has proven to be. 

In recent times, Cmo Marcello has been on a row, dishing out undiluted hits after hits. This time around, with this track, which is part of his forthcoming mixtape, he shows yet again that he’s coming to take over the industry.  

Cmo Marcello grew up in one of America’s most violent cities. Being raised in such a neighborhood, he learnt at an early age, to hustle and make a good life for himself. Although rapping comes to him naturally, the streets has caused his style to evolve. He intends to use his music to impact the streets, give back to society, and build a formidable fan base. 

When he’s not creating new hits in the studio, Cmo Marcello either spends his time reaching out to society through the “We All Eat” initiative, or connecting with friends and fans via social media. 





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