Mulatto Confirms Name Change

Mulatto has been receiving a lot of negative feedback over her name, so much that she’s planning to change it. She has publicly declared, during an interview with The Shaderoom, that she’s changing her name after being dragged online and labeled a “colorist” from its origin.
Commenting on the feedback, Mulatto says, “I’m not a colorist, but the internet gon’ do what they do, I can’t convince people that already don’t like me otherwise so I’m not gonna have a stroke about it. That’s why I’m doing my little part on the back end like learning about today, and talk about the name change and stuff like that, to also dead it on my end because I feel like that kinda contributes to that.”
As far as her new stage name, the Atlanta artist is considering a new alias but hasn’t settled on one yet.
“It’s still in the works, like, people gotta understand too that, at this level in an artist’s career that’s not just something that happens overnight,” she said. “Or, it’s not something that even happens period because it’s so much money and investments on the line when you do that; but it’s definitely in the works, like, I’m considering it for sure.”
For those who don’t know, mulatto is a racial classification referred to people of mixed white and black ancestry during the era of slavery.
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