Drea Mon’e Releases Steamy Track “Sugar Pie”

Drea Mon'e

“Sugar pie, honey bun, you’re like a toy that I never won, and you look like real fun, that makes my heart beat like a drum…”

– quote from “Sugar Pie”

Los Angeles, California songstress Drea Mon’e recently dropped a steamy track titled “Sugar Pie”. In the song, Drea describes how enticing her lover is, but she warns him not to catch feelings, as she only wants to have a good time. 

“Sugar Pie” is accompanied by a video where Drea Mon’e is seen dancing sensually on a guy. The scene transitions through different colorful backgrounds to accent the flavorful lyrics that she delivers.

Drea Mon’e grew up in Los Angeles and she always knew that singing would be part of her life one day. At a young age, her family noticed that her love for singing had flourished. They pushed her to perform at small events such as weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions. Her performance around her family gave her the courage to push forward.

At the age of 16, Drea wrote her first song, which was amazing to her. Now, she uses music to express the experiences that she has and the environment around her.





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