Smokiecoco Release FunTrack “Candy Crush”


“Swipe left, swipe right, you can be my candy crush at nighttime, if we’re gonna do this lose the Plan B…”

– quote from “Candy Crush”

This happy track “Candy Crush” by Smokiecoco spews playful and catchy lyrics. It’s great as an addition to your workout playlist to relax and feel good.

The video was shot in a candy store to smoothly pull off the light and playful mood of the song. It was directed by The Unit Production (Mr Mtmmg and Benjamin Opoku).

Smokiecoco is a two-man band that consists of two brothers from the Midlands (United Kingdom) called A The Cray and Middy. The two of them started way early and rapped from when they were young.

Drawing inspiration from many of the big names they grew up to know, they have brought a lot of unique energy to the UK music scene. The artists drew their name “Smokiecoco” from their dad whose nickname used to be Smokie while he grew up.

The brothers are amazingly close and well bonded. They started by freestyling in the kitchen and using the table for the drums. They wrote their songs and continued to stay bonded.

Some of the greats on whose wings they flew were JAY-Z, Tupac, and Kanye. They also drew inspiration from J Hus, Hardy Caprio, and Stormzy, who were great artists in the UK.

The song “Candy Crush” is the first single of the duo. They recorded the song and the video during the recent lockdown of the COVID-19. They have so much more coming up in the year 2021. It’s exciting to watch as these rising stars roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Outside of music, the brothers are deeply interested in fashion. Currently, Middy is studying Sports Science at Loughborough University while his brother, A The Cray has a Masters in Mathematics from Imperial College, London.

Also, Middy has represented Great Britain as a sprinter and is an athlete in Loughborough. A The Cray used to run a weekly radio show while he was at the university. At the show, he deejayed, interviewed London rappers, and hosted freestyles.

Smokiecoco is an amazing combo of talents and one to look out for.






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