SHADE UK Release Music Video “Warning”


“Move aside or pay the price, seen her with my own eyes, no more time for them lies…”

– quote from “Warning”

“Warning” premiered in November 2020. This rap music video is fresh and crisp. The wicked guitar interlude that punctuated the rap verse makes it all the sweeter and refreshing after a long day.

A playful track that encourages living in the moment, the Shade UK crew definitely pulled this one off effortlessly. “Warning” is a message to the world to watch out for their feats come 2021.

The video is a bright outdoor recording. The three crew members are strapped in black and yellow as they do their thing with perfect synergy and expertise.

It was set outside Bristol’s iconic Ashton Court Mansion. Alternating club scenes and dancehall sessions, they pulled this off excellently. It was directed by Sasha Dawg and produced by Bhris Beats.

Bristol-SHADE UK crew are a three-piece rap group. They hail from the 0117 and have effectively incorporated heavy guitar into the United Kingdom trap styles.

They came to the musical limelight after they released a single which was so good that it was impossible to place it in one genre. The release was a wild combination of trap beats, breakdowns, guitar riffs, sung vocals, and rapped vocals. That was bound to get attention.

They set the music video scene in an ethereal mansion and through it, announced that they are an extraordinary band. Their energetic performance and interesting band chemistry set them aside from the regular. So did their consistent and energetic performance.

This release of theirs was what birthed the official sound of the band. Now they’re known for their trap and rock fusion. They went on to prove their versatility by dropping Latin sounds and then fused trap, which had guttural vocals.

They made waves in Europe and the UK, topping it all off with this more recent release titled “Warning”. There’s more to come from this very unique band.







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