Frank Hugo Tells His Story in Music Video “CEO FLOW”

Frank Hugo

“A real CEO, ain’t hurting for nothing, I’m rocking Givenchy, she giving me kisses like she really miss me…”

– quote from “CEO FLOW”

Is this unbelievable or what? Frank Hugo is an example of anything is possible, and you’re going to agree when you watch this music video.

Frank Hugo raps about his several wins since the time he got out of jail. Despite how difficult it is to find your feet after being a convict in the United States, Hugo has utilized his CEO drive to create a “CEO FLOW”.

Though currently on a court-ordered curfew awaiting trial, he had pulled in several wins in just a year. His conditional release is not exactly pretty. That’s enough to discourage anyone for a long time.

He engages this story with a powerful rap music video. He tells of how he takes flights so that he could grab a decent bite and return home before his curfew. He also got a number of luxuries including several supercars and he also ensures to spend quality time with his daughter.

Without sitting around for life to pass him by, Hugo keeps driving hard towards his goals and he’s a hugely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Charges hang over his head, but he’s swiftly keeping his eyes forward and hitting all his goals one after the other.

The video is as expected, very well directed, and filled with quality pictures. The story is told with the use of engaging visuals, a grateful atmosphere, and lots of playfulness.

Frank Hugo is an Atlanta rapper and most of his story has been told in this song. He’s a multi businessman, an eagle in the music scene, real estate, tax accounting, and event promotion.

He’s also a shameless flaunter of his successes through intense and spitfire rap. His wordplay and storytelling ability are matchless and so is the energy that he throws into it all. His last single “Count It Up” was unapologetically, extravagant, and even collaborated with Empire Events to throw lavish parties.

He has sponsored many feed-the-community events and back to school drives while scaling up as the CEO and executive music producer for his record label, Brick Money Records (BMR) where he has brought in profit within just a year of his release from prison.






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