Dax Releases New Music Video “Joker Returns”


“Did you know your words describe you and not me and bounce back cuz in life we project our insecurities on people we wish we could be while blinded by the fact that we’re our own biggest and worst enemies…”

– quote from “Joker Returns”

In his usual forceful and fire-spitting style, Dax drops this new song “Joker Returns” that gives a person chills down the spine. On the topic of suicide, depression, drugs, and living the fake life, Dax spares no words to prove his point.

Born out of his experience and reality, the song “Joker Returns” discusses the struggles of stars who have to deal with public opinions and their fans’ comments, making them feel rid of their privacy. Every single step of a celebrity being watched makes them put on appearances to look perfect.

For Dax, he condemns this constant mind prison that the spotlight puts people in and lets those who want to listen know that more goes on behind the scene.

His verses are a dynamic weave, going between cool and hot, fast and slow, but never once losing focus. Then he talks about bullying. The song thoroughly looks inside the head of a heavily bullied man whose mind has become damaged by everything he suffered in the hands of his tormentor.

The music video is dark, compelling, and sprinkled through with saltiness and pain. Dressed as a clown with thoughtful props in the background, the message came up to a strong delivery. With energy oozing off the screen, perfect harmony mixed with raw talent in this video. Dax is a Canadian born rapper who has Nigerian roots. He was born in St. John’s, Canada, and in 2017, he moved to LA. Before Dax began to actively pursue his music career, he was a top basketball player in college. When he discovered the poet and musician in him, he dived in with full force. Dax has been consistent at shedding light on dark issues especially around the topics of depression, suicide, celebrity fake lives, and so on.


Currently, Dax is a motivational speaker. He’s also a YouTuber whose discography singles have been legendary. They include “She Cheated Again”, “I Want”, and “Killshot Freestyle”. A major game-changer for him was his release in 2017 titled “Cash Me Outside” featuring Danielle Bregoli. His growing YouTube channel airs amazing videos that discuss life issues. His recent release titled “Gotham” is one of the most powerful songs on his channel, and like many other works of this artist, it’s also worth listening to.







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