LiBand Passionately Confesses in Latest Track “My Sins”


“My sins, wish you can wash em away and make me whole again…”

– quote from “My Sins”

Talk about prayer for forgiveness, this is it. In this music video, LiBand expresses his desire to be cleansed.

He stands in the front of a church and lets it all out, blending tuneful tracks with an intense passion to be whole. Wishing that every bad thing he has ever done will be wiped away like they never happened, he said that he regrets the lies and hates the guilt.

The angular flow of the song is a smooth match with the high-quality music video. His attire is completely white, showing just how desperate he is to feel pure. And with engaging visuals and fluid movements, he brings life to the sober song.

LiBand was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has been a rapper since he was five. At his young age, he has definitely come very far and for this, he prides himself.


His hit tapes so far include “Due Date”, “Mercy on Me”, and “Steppa”. He believes that music is his purpose and draws inspiration from artists like Tupac and Kevin Gates.

He enjoys spicing up old hits with his new, refreshing angles. His songs are downright emotional and passionate and he’s focused on how to be a positive impact on everyone he has contact with.

He has his challenges, but LiBand is not interested in backing down as he has this mantra, “Take your situation and make it better. My life is too much like a story, I wanted to turn it into art.”

The track “My Sins” has paved the way for more success stories from this artist who is armed with punch lines and intelligence. As a new and upcoming artist, LiBand shows the world how far from average he is.

His hits continue to come out harder and stronger. His album, “B4L” (B)lowup(A)nd(N)ever(D)ie4Lyfe, is another intense phenomenon.

In the world of hip-hop and music at large, he’s authentic, and definitely a delight to watch.






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