Projexx “Paid In Full” Featuring Beam


“That’s how we make it look, easy, come from the gravel and the dirt, them not easy…”

– quote from “Paid In Full”

Projexx is taking on the global music scene. Already a top young artist in Jamaica, Projexx’s infectious melodies and tactical wordplay have set him apart in Kingston’s hyper competitive. Just recently, he dropped a new track titled “Paid In Full”. Be sure to check it out below. 

At the age of 12, Projexx began to explore songwriting and production in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. He’s the song of producer Lloyd “John John” James and grandson of legendary dancehall producer Lloyd “King Jammy”. He observed their studio sessions and used his curiosity to soak in as much knowledge as possible, which he later applied to his own work. When he was a teenager, he’d travel back and forth between Jamaica and Canada. The more he was exposed to a new lifestyle, the more he desired to keep his music divers

Projexx is often described as a melting pot of music genres, as he draws inspiration from a combination of sources. He feeds off of the energy of his fans and his international recognition, and as an up and coming artist he is a force to be reckoned with.








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