KIRBY Releases “Superpower” ft D Smoke

KIRBY and D Smoke

“My nose wide as the Red Sea, lips full, fillers don’t fill me…”

– quote from “Superpower”

Strongly against racism, Kirby drops the song, “Superpower” to drive the antiracist movement forward. Rather than a curse, being different is an advantage, she implies. She stands with those who seem to be different and unfairly treated just because of their skin color.

In this track, she featured D Smoke, a rapper from Inglewood, California. He was a contestant on the Netflix competition show, Rhythm & Flow in 2019 where he emerged the inaugural winner. He released his debut EP “Inglewood High” in October of 2019 and with that, he attracted some juicy reviews, especially from HipHopDX. D Smoke is from a family where all of them were gospel singers back home.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, KIRBY had this to say, “I wonder who I would be, had I grown up believing that being black is a Superpower… Believing that instead of capes, we were given skin that’s so varied and complex; we can be dark as the night or bright as the sun. This song is for the melaninated superheroes who walk this earth. Your skin is not your burden, your skin is not your curse, your skin is not your choice, BUT it is your Superpower.”

Way to go with this amazing song that says more melanin does not connote less superiority. Turning it all around, she even says that it means being extraordinary and unstoppable.

KIRBY is a singer and songwriter. She is the writer proudly behind the highly successful songs “Tell Me You Love Me” (Demi Lovato), “Only One’s” (Kanye West and Paul McCartney), “FourFiveSeconds” (Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney), and so many others.

Without mincing words, KIRBY is incredibly talented and hard-working, so much that her fans can’t get enough of her. She released her seven-track debut EP “Sis” in January.

The project was an amazing revealer of KIRBY’s extraordinary lyrical abilities and melody composing. It earned her more than 17 million streams worldwide and a spot on NPR’s Tiny Desk.

That’s not all. She also earned three usages in HBO’s current series of “Insecure”. Her strong social activism has been widely acclaimed and it was just in June 2020 that she made waves with her viral TikTok video that bashed the racist origins of the Aunt Jemima pancake brand.

The video became widespread enough to involve other critiques, eventually driving to the point where the brand surrendered and said they were taking down the racist imagery.

She has been featured on USA Today, New York Times, and NBC News. Come December, she’s expected to go live with her debut “COLORS” session.

These two talented artists coming together to release a song meant the track was going to be a hit, and we weren’t disappointed.










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