Franki Releases Hot Track “Thick China”


“I don’t need no damn help, did it by my damn self…”

– quote from “Thick China”

Franki opens this track titled “Thick China” with a sarcastic comment about herself being tough to handle. And in fact, that’s what this entire audio is about.

The Toronto artist brag talks about how she has been able to change her life and move from being a broke person to having her legs up and sitting comfortably.

Doubtless, that’s something worth the celebration. She shows no modesty in reeling off her past grinding and toiling. She also said in the track that she’s handling herself well and needs no fake show of love from anybody.

“Thick China” represents the image of a strong woman who gives off vibes of being mentally strong. This is so much so that taking her down would require a lot of work.

She insists on doing things her way, being a determined person. The meat of it all is that she rewards real friends. She does not just display impatience towards fake people, she also appreciates those who are real.

She, therefore, asked folks to keep their “love” in their pockets if it’s going to be unreal anyway. It’s commendable because many other people know that they shouldn’t be amidst unreal humans, but don’t have the boldness to tell them off. Well, if you’re looking for some inspiration to do that, you can get some from Franki.

Franki is a self-made artist from Toronto. She is a mentally strong individual with a high drive to succeed. Her determination and insistence on doing things her way is what has made her stand out a lot.

She grew up in a small town before she moved to Toronto where she was able to hit it off as a model. The moving gave her a network of connections that she was able to leverage and meet artists in the music world.

Franki made it to the studio and became intensely in love with the process of creating music. Choosing to stick with the hip-hop genre, she has been able to evolve over time.





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