Jimani Luv Expresses Pain in “Amphetamine”

Jimani Luv

“Real drugs are things real people just take to breathe, poppin’ addies, gain that knowledge, girl get that degree…”

– quote from “Amphetamine”

In this sad song “Amphetamine”, Jimani Luv uses the power of music to communicate her struggles. 

She sings about not understanding what real love meant at the period, and not having anyone to stand with her. In such times, it’s easier to get back on one’s feet if someone cares and looks out but not everyone is usually that lucky.

The slow, sad tunes are nothing short of unnerving and that’s the same with listening to her story. She goes on to encourage herself to remain true through it all.

For anyone who has been through anything close to struggling, this track is entirely relatable. Jimani oscillates between how amphetamine makes people feel. From one day to the next, it could get overwhelming to handle the pain. She used this song as her means of escape.

The video is solemn and gloomy, depicting the message. With dark backgrounds and slow-moving pictures, you would feel the pain of the artist from right off the screen. The music video was directed by Nostressbless and is available on several platforms.

Jimani Luv is from Maryland and multi-talented. She is a singer, hairstylist, recording artist, and songwriter.

This young songwriter has a solid handle on the type of music genre that she has chosen. She is able to mesmerize her audience with her smooth delivery and intense lyrics.

She began singing when she was very young and has grown to become an artist with a growing fan base. She draws inspiration from Teddy Pendergrass, Jazmine Sullivan, Luther Vandross, Beyonce, and others.

Her style contains some excellent storytelling and passion that is unique to just her.






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