BLK Release their Melodious Hip Hop Blend “Got It”


“Yeah I got it, deep dive in it, hold your breath, long strokes got you all up in it…”

– quote from “Got It”

Amid the quarantine earlier in 2020, the BLK team got together to keep business going. They released their debut single, “Got It”.

The song is a confident show-off filled with melodious lines and messages of being different. Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay wittingly flaunt their well-trimmed bodies and flood the screen with sensual poses.

The energy exuded by the ladies is potent and it seeps through the skin. The unabashed sexuality of the trio gives anyone a hard time (in a good way). The thorough blend of hip-hop, R&B, and fearlessness are fabulous to see and hear.

The music video does justice to the song too. Set in a homemade zoom style, they keep nothing back as they boast with the “Got It” chorus. Korahjay captures why BLK is that bold and brilliant. “We’re not trying to chase a certain vibe, sound, or look. We are just being ourselves.”

The BLK is a Toronto-based music group of three ladies. They have focused on releasing exciting music that best communicates their message to the world. They pride themselves on being a set of women that change the narrative on women working together.

Being strong, focused, and independent are qualities that each of the women leverages to make a name for the group in the music scene.

The solo artists came together in 2019. Each of them can write songs as well as perform and produce it. They all have Canadian roots. Their similarities and differences are their greatest bonds.

While each one writes her own verses and works on a common goal with the other two, they have entirely different passions outside of music. They’re as far apart as cinematography and environmentalism. This makes it more interesting because these women are keeping their personalities intact despite their commitment to their group.

Bexk is a fashion design student with Bajan heritage. She admits to being the savage in the group. Korahjay comes from a Jamaican family and is the one who is best described as free-spirited and Lilac C says she’s a citizen of the world.

“Got It” is followed by intriguing singles, “FWM” (Fu*k with Me) and “Girls”. In late 2020, they’re also expected to release their “BLK Girl Magic” EP. They recently also got a major co-sign from the premiere radio station in Toronto.

If you’ve been looking for sassy, bold, confident, and sexy women groups, this is it!






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