Focus The Truth Drops Intriguing Music “Dear Father”

Focus The Truth

“Lost a lot of time due to all my indecision, but through all the misdirection, I just gained a little wisdom, used to live for others, but that’s livin’ in a prison…”

– quote from “Dear Father”

Focus The Truth has been hot since he came to the music scene. This latest music video proves that he ain’t blowing cold any time soon. “Dear Father” is a tribute to God and an appreciation for all that he has gained.

The song, which is from his album, “Immortal” tells a beautiful story of his life journey, and things involving keeping up with family and friends. The music is loud, bold, and melodious, and he spares no words in expressing his gratitude.

“Dear Father” is a prayer for guidance. He dedicates words to dis haters and jealous folks and he reminds himself of the crucial lessons of trusting the right people. He announces that he’s better off putting God first and putting those haters and all in the back place.

The video is dark but nothing close to being moody. If anything, it’s a mix of great visuals, high-quality beats, and a meaningful background setting. Focus The Truth raps out loud for the entire track, paying homage to the Father he knows and believes in.

There’s excellent wordplay and fire-spitting, all with a blow of NYC sound. This hip-hop track will fit in perfectly as a reminder any time the going gets tough. If you’re a lover of morning musical inspiration, then this will do great on your playlist too.

Focus the Truth was raised in Jamaica Queens, New York. He’s an artist with amazing flow and elegance. His ability to merge classic hip-hop with modern rap music is laudable.


Deep into the hip-hop genre and being able to deliver intriguing bar music, Focus the Truth is known for dropping only top quality music videos. His love for cartoons and the visual arts gives an added layer of skill to his deliveries.

He began to be an emcee when he was 14 and since then, has grown to polish his craft. He started as a battle rapper and poet, and to date, that spirit lives on in him.

When he has to wield the power of lyrics, Focus the Truth takes no prisoners. He prefers to tell real stories, and he’s doubtlessly a different breed of artist with a tenacity that can’t be ignored.









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