Cristale Displays Tight Word Play in Freestyle “Next Up?”


“Switch up my accent like I’m in LA, ni**as gone think that I come from New York…”

– quote from “Next Up?”

Popularly regarded as a drill queen, Cristale had one mission for this song: To wow the world. Yep, that she did. The freestyle track titled “Next Up?” is an amazing bunch of lines with mind-splitting wordplay.

The United Kingdom artist takes things high and then drops before she picks it up again, all without losing the flow for one second. Her clever punchlines were the meat of it all, so much that one could put the crisp music on repeat all day. GRM Daily praised her: “Featuring a catchy chorus and hard-hitting lyrics, she’s exciting to say the least.”

With tight wordplay delivered skillfully, Cristale uses this track to say she’s giving the world its “next up”. Switching between two instrumentals to drive her message home, she confidently stands to say she plans to be on top of her game always.

The song is perfect for jamming out with friends or when going for a leisure ride. She displays versatility and lyrical dexterity in this one, speaking about many different topics simultaneously.

At some point, she talked about her musical journey and in another line, she switched to the topic of bant with guys. Different discussions with one aim of dropping her bold and determined vibes.

The freestyle video is a close-up of Cristale stepping up to the mic. The cinematic drill backdrop is the perfect choice for the one-scene video that was being zoomed in and out with different perspectives.

MC Cristale is a South London based artist who has employed a series of cold, bold, and crisp freestyles to climb up the musical ladder. She’s fast attracting the spotlight as her versatility is attracting more and more fans of UK rap and drill.

Her debut single, “Whites” was reviewed impressively by GRM Daily and Clash, giving her an edge and a push-forward. The “Next Up” series was released with Mixtape Madness and has showcased hot, young talents from the UK.


Demi, Adz, JS, and many others have been able to raise the bar on their acts with this series and for Cristale, she even made Snoochie Shy’s Top Selection Of The Week on her BBC 1Xtra Show.

The artist has received many accolades and shoutouts from top folks including Headie One, Not3s, Yung Filly, and so on. She dropped her freestyle ‘Booth (Part 1)’ in the earlier part of 2020 and soon after, released ‘Booth (Part 2)’. These freestyles have been acclaimed by SBTV, Reprezent Radio, and Linkup TV.

The artist grew up in a Caribbean household and therein was able to soak up diverse sounds. With her many life experiences coming together to influence her music, fans believe that Cristale has much more in her.





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