Cris Streetz Releases “Hold Me Down”

Cris Streetz

“So if you hold me down, I’ll make sure that you up, my feet touch the ground and I came to fu*k it up…”

– quote from “Hold Me Down”

Cris Streetz praises his babe in “Hold Me Down”. He amplifies all the good qualities of the woman who has captured his heart.

Passionately, he swerves between eulogizing her sweetness and telling her to keep treating him right. The punchline implied, “If you hold me down, I’ll hold you up”.

The video used stunning visuals to drive home the point of the song. Cris cruises in his car as he sings for his lover. Not once throughout the video did he take his attention off the woman who holds him down. Credit goes to Trickx for the excellent footage in the music video.

Cris Streetz was born in The Bronx. He was, however, raised in Tampa, Florida. This hip-hop artist has had some noteworthy breakthroughs in his music career. The environment where he was raised influenced his music style and still does to date.

He has been able to create an amazing blend of two regional sounds. He spent some years with his producer, Noc before finally releasing his first single “Ratched”. This was in late 2016 and it was a successful release especially on the East Coast radio stations.

2017 saw his first EP “Pregame”, and by 2018, he got another breakthrough when his single “Hands Up” got attention from Hot 97 and many station heavies like Rosenberg, Ebro, and Funk Flex.

The rest of 2018 saw several more hits from Cris Streetz. Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify all had his singles on their curated playlists. “All Week”, “Risks”, and “G’z Up” are some of his notable singles, including “Hold Me Down”.

In the most recent years, 2019 and 2020, Cris has furthered in his career. He signed to the imprint So Raspy in 2019, which was founded by Jadakiss, his mentor. 2020 saw him drop his single “Big Leagues” and others.

Just in October of the same year, Cris joined forces with rapper Ninety for his song “They Hate”. This has since premiered on Bet Jams and conveniently become part of their rotation.

Recently, Cris joined Yung Marley to produce a new visual for their single “Deep Pockets”, which is available for streaming on different platforms.





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