Millyz “Heightened Senses” ft Jim Jones


“Covid in my lungs, that shi* affecting my breathing, think this post-traumatic stress been affecting my sleeping…”

– quote from “Heightened Senses”

Massachusetts-based hardcore rapper Millyz has released the official video of his now-viral single “Heightened Senses”. This track features Jim Jones, was produced by Ray Beatz, and is off his new album “Blanco II”.

Millyz has, over the years, earned himself a reputation as a seasoned rapper with hard-hitting lyrics. Having featured on the Showoff Radio, Funk Flex, Sway, and many other open mic platforms, Millyz has shown that his talent is undeniable.

On this track, Millyz talks about the stress and challenges that he has been through. He reflects on growing up in the ghetto, the Covid-19 virus, and his efforts towards getting paid regardless of the pandemic that has hit the world. He also had a word or two for the ones who were felled by the virus, and those who lost loved ones.

Millyz is known for his versatility and effortless flow which fits in perfectly into every kind of beats – from trap to classic east coast to Melodic.

He gained popularity last year when a player tripped and fell on him during a game between Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers, and spilled Kiss beer all over the place. Videos of the incident went viral, taking the rapper’s popularity alongside. Ever since then, Millyz has been on a steady grind up the ladder of fame in the music industry.




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