Zenas Creates a Buzz with His “I Voted” Single


“I pull up to the polls here we go, mind moving fast but the line moving really slow, can’t deal with Donald Trump anotha fo’…”

– quote from “I Voted”

Texas-based hip hop artist, Zenas, has a wave rolling in the music scene with his latest “I Voted” single. Given that the US presidential election is today, the talented artist decided to give his listeners a little stir with the song.

As expected, “I Voted” carries the complete aura of Zenas’s confidence and fearlessness. He addresses the political notion that is currently affecting the condition of things around him, and he does so unashamedly. Zenas’s performance in the song is such that you never get to miss out on his energetic DJ vibes from its beginning to its end. There is no doubt that the Texas-based artist will attract a large crowd of people to his already booming fan base.


Zenas is a Denver, CO native who, not too long ago, decided to make Dallas, TX his place of residence. Ever since his relocation, this boisterous artist and DJ have continued to make a name for himself in the music scene.

In addition to doubling as an artist and DJ, Zenas is also a songwriter, song producer, and performer. He began his music career in 2019, after meeting with a famous R&B producer Jon-John Robinson. Jon-John Robinson is the man behind the productions of extraordinary songs by the likes of Jon B and TLC.

Since his relocation, Zenas has been producing numerous tracks for the Black Sands Soundtrack. At the same time, he has not neglected his personal music productions. Currently, he is working hard towards unleashing new tracks on the first Friday of each month. In these Friday songs, Zenas intends to completely blend his songs into the lifestyle of his listeners.

Listen to Zenas’ “I Voted”, and don’t forget to use the comment section.






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