Dax Releases Mind-Boggling Song “GOTHAM”


“Nobody’s from here, but everybody comes here, wanting to be famous ’til they realize the price of fame, brings close everything that they once feared…”

– quote from “GOTHAM”

This fast rap song titled “GOTHAM” begins with a question: How badly do you want fame? It’s a well glued up sequence of mind-boggling lyrics that get you thinking from the very first word. This is the kind of music that stops you in your tracks and makes you ask yourself that question.

In the song, Dax talked about the exaggerated lives of celebrities and how everything in Gotham is plastic and fake. In “GOTHAM”, he says you don’t matter if you don’t have the blue check. People only care when they know how much money you make (it has to be a lot), and when they know how they can take some of it for themselves.

The race to nowhere, where people sell their souls and remain as slaves to drugs, money, alcohol, and fake friends is what goes down in “GOTHAM”. Dax spares no words to advise people with fragile hearts against going to that place.

Because it’s a reality where the blind are leading the blind and dog eat dog, not just anyone can become a part of “GOTHAM”. Despite the craze and cruelty that go on there, everyone is struggling to enter even though no one is really from there.

At the crux of this numbing song, Dax explains that “GOTHAM” is not just a place but a mindset. More so, it’s something that people think they can’t do without, but all it does is turn them into a slave.

In the dark video, Dax is seen in chains for the most part. This is a representation of the slavery that everyone in “GOTHAM” is subject to.

There’s brutality, pain, beating, addiction, and wound inflicting in the backstage, but on stage, there’s smiles, glamour, and friendship – all of which are fake and plastic. The video was shot by Moses Israel and produced by Lex Nour Beats.

Dax was born in St. John’s, Canada. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue his music career. He’s a Canadian born rapper with Nigerian roots.

Dax used to be a top college basketball player before he discovered the poet and musician in him. Since he came on stage, this young artist has been all fire and thunder, as he spits powerful lyrics without any reservations.

Dax is currently a motivational speaker and YouTuber, along with being a rapper. His 2017 release, “Cash Me Outside” featuring Danielle Bregoli scored him a viral hit. His YouTube channel has grown to 820K+ subscribers and is home to over 64 million videos.

His discography singles so far include “She Cheated Again”, “I Want”, and “Killshot Freestyle”. He is signed to It Goes Up Entertainment.

It’s amazing what Dax is doing. His passion for the craft is exceptional, and what’s more, he spills the truth without holding back.







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