Trans Trenderz “Splash” ft Blxck Cxsper, Jae, Jupiter Gray, Heather Hills & Lady Londyn

Trans Trenderz

“I control the elements, my brain bi*ch is the evidence, cause I slay in a perfect ten…”

– quote from “Splash”

New York, NY Indie Label, Trans Trenderz, is announcing their mission, as they introduce their newest artists in a collaborative single titled “Splash”, which is accompanied by a video.

This track promises to break boundaries as far as music is concerned. As the song indicates, they are going to be “splashing it off”, more like a journey of courage, if you ask me. The track exudes confidence and dripping swags.

The track features Blxck Cxsper, Jae, Jupiter Gray, Heather Hills, and Lady Londyn. “Splash” ushers at the beginning of a new wave of Black Trans visibility in mainstream music.

Label founder, Blxck Cxsper believes that the song shows the influence hip-hop, the voice of the people, has had on queer culture.

They strongly believe that Black Trans voices deserve to be included and valued in that space of the industry.

The video features the ladies with their nose masks, all dripping in their fancy clothes. Since nose masks have become the new normal, their message is simple – they are no different from anyone else; they are normal.

They rap about not caring a hoot. The track is about them just being focused on doing their thing. The confidence of these artists is top-notch.

TransTenderz was launched in 2016 when Cxsper curated and produced a mix-tape of the same name. The mix-tape featured 14 Trans artists.

Trans Trenderz was born out of a desire to break the glass ceiling for Black Trans artists. The label seeks to ensure that the artistic contributions of Transgender artists are never erased.

The label also seeks to provide artists with resources, opportunities, and community. The purpose of this is to bring Black Trans music to the mainstream.

To maintain that togetherness created at the release party of the mixtape, the Trans Trenderz evolved into a record label. The label signed several Transgender and gender non-conforming acts.

When the Black Lives Matter movement regained traction, in June of 2020, Cxspr offered to make beats for other Black Trans artists.

In the space of 30 days, artists reached out to them for collaborations including Myla, a Black Trans woman from Dallas, Texas. She donated a lot financially to the label.

Ever since Trans Trenderz has become more than a label. It is a movement that is uplifting Black Trans voices through creative collaborations and supporting one another as a family.

For a gathering to evolve from a show, a family, to a label, and then a movement is some real splashing. “Splash” is out everywhere now. There’s sure to be more releases from Tran Trenderz in the coming months.







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