ATM King Drops New Track “IYKYK” ft Maesyn G

ATM King

“Just don’t let emotions win, I battle myself on a daily, I came here for love, I came here for us …”

– quote from “IYKYK”

Massachusetts artist ATM King just dropped a new track titled “IYKYK” featuring Maesyn G. The song is about the story of Maesyn G and ATM King, as they go through the difficulties of letting love into their relationship. They must decide if allowing emotions to take over is the right thing to do, or if they should just continue their relationship the way it is.

“IYKYK” is coupled with a music video that features a foreshadowing storyline of both artists, as they head back home from dinner, for a night of intimate fun.

Being from Brockton, Massachusetts, as well as a first-generation Nigerian, ATM King’s inspirations stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Incorporating multiple genres into his music has helped him develop a unique sound that transverses music’s timeline. He seeks to make music that resonates with listeners, both sonically and emotionally.

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