Valencia Releases Upbeat, Funky Tune “Amen”


“I’m not the one that you play with, I’m catching feelings, you made this…”

– quote from “Amen”

Kansas City, Kansas-born singer/songwriter, and creative artist, Valencia, just released an upbeat track titled “Amen”. “Amen” is a funk, R&B tune. The song is about love – the struggles and uncertainties of it, the desperation, and all other emotions involved with being in love. The tone is catchy, relatable, and an overall feel good experience.

Valencia speaks about the story behind “Amen”: “We had just celebrated the New Year the night before and a few of us were congregating at my sister’s apartment the next morning. For a toast, my friend went to look for things to mix with the gin we had leftover, but we were all out of mixers. Since there wasn’t anything left she says, ‘we have champagne…” We looked at each other, laughed, and agreed on the champagne. After she poured it, we made a toast, and began chanting “gin and champagne, gin and champagne!” repeatedly. The energy, the conversation, and the vibe was everything. So after our chant, I jumped up and said, “I’m writing a song about this!” Soon afterwards, “Amen” was created.

Valencia was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and began writing songs at the age of 15. Soon after, she had the opportunity to tour and sing background for nation and international recording artist. She’s no stranger to the stage and is best known for opening up for Flo Rida and AJR at the Family Arena back in summer 2017 and has been consistently dedicated to her own artistry ever since.

It’s been a nice journey for Valencia. Stick around to see where her art takes her next.

Check out “Amen” and leave your thoughts below.







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