Jerichos Revenge Joins Forces with 3M in “Fly High”

Jerichos Revenge

“Can you spread your wings and fly for me, would you give it all and die for me…”

– quote from “Fly High”

Ready to fly high with the amazing duo, Revenge, and 3M? You won’t need a plane. And it’s not just some motivational song that’s telling you to aim high for the sky. It’s a love song! Sure you didn’t see that coming.

“Fly High” is a song about asking a love interest to leave all that has ever been known for them to be together.

It’s about leaving the familiar to go on a journey of uncertainty just to be with someone they truly love.

Blindness in love is not just about sight; it’s about not knowing where you’re going. The song tells of just wanting to be with your one true love. You just want to be around them even if it means flapping wings with them in the sky.

Therefore being apart or having a long-distance relationship isn’t an option. They believe it will end in tragedy. This time, it is not the death of two lovers like Romeo and Juliet. It will be the death of a love that has the potential to happen.

Jericho and 3Miles make an excellent duo. Their chemistry has produced great melodies; the way they chop up songs without compromising the quality of their music is worthy of applause.

Jericho Revenge is a wildcard artist from New Jersey/Atlanta. His talent and versatility can be seen in his contribution to different lanes of the music industry.

His vocals and melodies reveal much of genre-bending – a blend of different genres. This means he has broken boundaries as regards different genres of music including pop, EDM, trap, and emo rap.

He has shown signs of lyricism. This potential is sure to make him a dark horse in hip hop as well. Jericho’s different flows make him one of the most creative unsigned artists in the music industry.

Songs like “Animal Crossing” and “Anxiety” make even skeptics of music move their heads. Revenge’s music is not just a genre-bender; it’s a mind-bender. It will bend the mind from the usual to the unusual.









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