Justina Valentine Makes Emotions Sizzle in “Only Fans”

Justina Valentine

“I want a lot of guys to bring me dollar signs, watch the commas rise while my body’s monetized…”

– quote from “Only Fans”

It’s outrightly impossible to see this video “Only Fans” by Justina Valentine and not experience the emotional roller-coaster described next.

First will come to a dark smirk that will draw on your face when you see the internet banter between Justina and a particular “Oliver Twist” fan. Then will come a big goofy grin when you hear the threat, “He’s about to get his money’s worth”.

The steamy lyrics smear all over the video, making an intriguing blend of a song you can’t get out of your head. Thankfully, the super sexy rapper will finish the story and show you what happens to the “guy who wants it all”.

It’s hilarious. But it doesn’t stop there. It gets dark. Creepy. No, it’s a freaking good story!


The humor and a rather deft storytelling ability that Justine Valentine infuses in her songs are epic. This single, just like other things that Valentine has done, is a unique work of art. It’s an absorbing tale; one that sounds like something from a horror-sex series.

The video helps you get the picture even more clearly. Opening with a distracting shower scene, you almost won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. But wait until she flashes herself in her well-rehearsed poses.

When she shared this with her 3.5 million followers on Instagram, Justina literarily set the place on fire. She’s close to gathering one million views on this alone.

Justina Valentine is a songwriter and rapper that was born in Passaic County, New Jersey. She came from a family of musicians.

As a child, she was involved in dance and theatre. Although she did not begin recording her own music until the year 2006, the outstanding female rapper has loved hip-hop and pop since she was very young.


She has well-mastered skills of storytelling and quick-wittedness. Having been an actress, singer, television show host, and rapper, she has grown a high-level of versatility that makes her outstanding on the screen.

Justina has over two million Instagram followers and continues to be a favorite at MTV. She boldly rocks bright red locks, scintillating dress codes and confident poses anywhere you find her.

She is the latest co-host for the shows “How Far is Tattoo Far?” and “Lip Locked” on MTV, roles for which she is widely known. She has appeared in “Wild N Out”, another MTV show for the 8th season now.

She is also currently number two on the “Top Most Liked Female Rappers on TikTok”, having gotten 90 million likes from her fans all over the world.

This rapper is widely acknowledged for her excellence in freelancing. She’s a guest trickster on MTV’s “Revenge Prank” show and is also ready to appear in another upcoming season of  “Basic To Bougie”.

There’s undoubtedly a whole lot more from where all those came from, and the fans can’t wait.








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