Tino Szn Releases “LUVSTRUCK”

Tino Szn

“Okay, they say I switched up but I don’t give a fu**, either way it go bi**h imma live it up, they used to doubt me, now they outta luck, I done bossed up and now they show me love…”

– quote from “LUVSTRUCK”

Tino Szn joins hands with Based1 to drop this new song “LUVSTRUCK”, as it’s hot. In their individual characteristic over-the-top style, they turn up the heat as Tino raps about his epic rise.

The song is a story that many people can relate to, and the playful vibe makes it all more interesting. Generally, folks don’t believe in starters. Just like for Tino when he was starting his journey as an artist. Many of the people who ought to stand with him did not.

Unfortunately, when the tables were turned and he found his way to the top, they started to come around. But by then, it was too late to try to fix up.


Tino and Based1 were joined by Producer Ransom to throw in mixes of dynamic beats to the track. The passionate energy that’s always in Tino’s songs is felt here too. Once you hit play, you just want to replay over and over again.

Tino Szn comes from Charlotte, North Carolina, and best known by the nickname of “lone wolf”.

He acquired this name through his consistent deviation from the regular North Carolina kind of sound. He stands out significantly among the trap artists around there and firmly sticks with something beyond the ordinary.

Tino uses very simple hooks to drive his message home, but he can hardly be called “simple” himself because he discusses complex topics in his songs.

Self-made and highly diligent, Tino currently works with Lukrative, Based 1, and Gin$eng as he continues to rise. He’s dedicated to his craft of hip-hop and rap.

The young artist has released many tracks, each one with uniquely absorbing hooks. They include “Take Flight”, “Today”, “Machine”, “Ohh My”, “Chrome” and others. He recently dropped the official video for “Take Flight”, and it was warmly received by his fans.

This commendable artist deserves his fast-growing fan base. His previous releases continue to draw a high number of views and accolades.







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