Poindexter Energizes Fans With New Song “Jeopardy”


“I keep the heater right next to me, I can’t be putting my life in jeopardy, that’s why I’m moving so carefully…”

– quote from “Jeopardy”

Some artists really do not need to be announced to be known. If you’re in Indiana, you don’t need to read the headlines to know that Poindexter is the happening talent there. The upcoming town buzzer just released another single from his “An Extraordinary LP”, and he titled it “Jeopardy”. The song utilizes some features of the Jeopardy soundtrack, as well as a drum melody inspired by Zaytoven to pass the artist’s message clearly.

“Jeopardy” was directed by Jake Huber, an Emmy-winning song director. Its theme song set was designed by James Beaver, and it also features the extraordinary talents of Poindexter’s very good friend – Baleboygeechie. Together, the two artists mesmerize listeners with a vibrant mix of melody and adrenaline-fueling lyrics.

In the song, Poindexter communicates through high energy raps, and speaks about what he encounters being a celebrity. He also talks about the unwarranted ways he’s had to protect himself as a popular figure in town.

Poindexter is a Midwest Indiana native who is currently making big waves in the music industry. He is known for his ability to turn mere words into powerful songs that will send your heartbeat skyrocketing in energetic ways. And for him, it’s simply his nature for which thousands of his fans are super grateful.

For Poindexter, music has always been his life. His ambition is to constantly flood the music scene with songs that will inject rounds of energy and youthfulness into listeners. You can trust his fans, they’re greatly anticipating, and cannot wait to see the indie emcee take hip hop in Indiana to a whole new level.

As you await the rising of Poindexter, spend some time on his latest video “Jeopardy”, and see for yourself how talented the rap star really is.





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