Sukihana Taunts the Groupies in “Yous A Hoe”


“How you ain’t get one red cent from a ni*** name Trick, bit** that don’t make no sense…”

– quote from “Yous A Hoe”

Not someone to be described as shy, Sukihana, downs the clout chasers with her new song “Yous A Hoe”.

A track stuffed with mind-blowing moves, it’s intense to watch how she uses unfiltered words to describe groupies.

This female rapper is feminine in every way possible. She has a unique vibe, as well as beats that you can’t forget. Her personality is one of a kind and this song puts that forth clearly.

It’s even more baffling because, despite her brashness, Sukihana talks and people listen. By and large, her message is that it’s not healthy that people hide their inner cravings. Or that they are not bold enough to say what they want and how they want to get it.

The topic of sex is not something everyone is bold enough to examine, but not Sukihana. She’s a woman with nothing holding her back, especially when she has her mind settled on it.

The music video is an animation where Sukihana expresses her contempt for clout chasers in the industry. She even drops the names of top rappers and includes a cartoon version of them.

Aimed to diss, her own animation represents the real Suki in her invincible and untouchable personality. She drips royalty, unbothered as things happen around her.

The music video was carefully trimmed to take out offensive content, but at the same time left the message as raw as possible.

Sexual empowerment for Sukihana is all about getting exactly what she deserves, nothing less. While encouraging women not to shy away from their promiscuity, she says it’s worth it only if they benefit from it. She also says that they shouldn’t be all out just for their partners, they also deserve to receive benefits.

Sukihana is a native of Wellington, Delaware. She appeared on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Miami. She was also featured in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s “WAP”. In only one month, the music video garnered more than 193 million views.

Here’s a summary of this star in her own words: “I’m just a product of my environment, but now I feel like my environment is a product of me because I see a lot of women look up to me.”

Sukihana is notable for her hit songs, “Blame Trina”, “Drug Dealer”, and “5 Foot Freestyle”. She has a huge following of 1.2 million people and has pulled attention from many icons including Kim Kardashian.






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