Sic Withit “U Don’t Know Me” ft Slim 400 & Yukmouth

Sic Withit

“Yup I got the pack, yeah I run up the rack, where the money at, yep we want the big sack…”

– quote from “U Don’t Know Me”

The song “U Don’t Know Me” is a combination of craze, flirt, dance, and out-of-this-world fun. If your kind of amusement is reckless partying, throwing caution to the wind, losing all inhibitions and letting yourself lose kind of thing, then you’ve got company in this music video.

Sic Withit puts together these lines that jarr nerves and conveniently catch your attention. Dance, twerk, drink, and party, that’s all it is, because sometimes, it’s not about passing any deep message across but passing positive vibes.

He featured Slim 400 and Yukmouth, and together they burned the whole place down with their intense revelry. Beautiful ladies stick around to get their booties slapped in their revealing bikinis and tempting poses.

Limitless around of exotic weed and booze sit around to advance the lawlessness. It’s not a party for the fainthearted as there are lots and lots of unspeakable fun that goes down.

Sic Withit hails from Garden Grove, California. He’s a fast-rising rapper with multi-dimensional talent. Bold, raw, and strong, his music speaks lots about him as he continues to churn out records he believes his fans will deeply connect with.

His music has always been therapy for him since he lost his mother to domestic violence at a young age. Sic has been musically inclined from when he was born. He learned to play several instruments by teaching himself and before long, he had become part of a band at age 10.

By age 13, he had scaled up to recording his own music wherein he found solace during the tough times he faced, especially the trauma of losing his mother.

He’s now an active performer at festivals such as Blazers Cup, as well as the Cannabis festivals and cup. His commitment to the grind has brought him a collaboration with icons like B-Real of Cypress Hill, and Demrick who is also another passionate rap artist that’s into cannabis.

In the current year 2020, Sic has recorded with popular and new artists including YBN Almighty Jay and 42 Dugg. He has also connected with other top artists such as Layzie Bone and Brotha Lunch Hung.

His favorites have remained 2Pac, Lol Wayne, Linkin Park, Pantera, Cypress Hill, and Future. His debut album, “The Wasteland Album” was released in August 2020. Dark, smoldering, and full of rebellious energy, the album was put together to give his followers something they would effortlessly connect with.

Therein he showed himself to the world, and in his no-inhibition style, made music that was out of the usual. He’s set for much more, and so are his fans.





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