Prince Navon Raps About A Love Interest in “12:11”

Prince Navon

“My heart been stepped on, broken, baby can you be my healing…”

– quote from “12:11”

“12:11” is a passionate trap rap that bares the soul of Prince Navon in relation to matters of the heart. It’s a song that communicates to the listener about someone who’s been down and hurt before but is willing and able to give love another try.

In our world now where love sometimes gets a bad tag, alongside being trashed by undeserving people, Prince Navon raps in his trademark trap style about how he’s willing to go again.

He lets her know some ground rules, how he won’t be trifled with again and messed with, but also how he’s willing to be committed to her.

He raps effortlessly with an underlying sense of elegance that you can’t but appreciate. He passionately pleads with his love interest to be careful with him, as he can’t suffer another heartbreak. He began, “Please don’t do me like that other chick.”

As the song plays forward, Prince Navon expresses a sense of wonder about how they came together. He also raps about how he wants her to move forward with him and forget all that has happened in the past, heartbreaks, and all.

Prince Navon is a North Carolina native. The song, “12:11” is his latest release dropped under the auspices of Legacy Label.

He was crowned “The Next Big Thing” by Charlotte Power 98FM. He has also worked with a number of the music industry’s top tier producers, which includes Sean Da Firtz, Big Korey, etc.


Prince Navon started his musical journey aged 9 years, and that early start is beginning to pay off as he has caught the attention of industry bigwigs for his lyrical prowess. His top three inspirations are Tupac, Nipsey, and Jay Z.

Concerning how his background has affected his music, he had this to say, “The energy in my city is wild. I reflect that energy in some of my more ‘turnt’ music, but I also make chill, vibe oriented music too. That’s a true part of my personality and I like the night time energy. The energy at night when moving thru’ Uptown Charlotte is real chill. I make music that fits that vibe. I like standing out, making music different than the typical sounds & being known for what I do. It’s hard to do that when you’re competing in a space where everyone is making the same sounding music. But North Carolina artists, for the most part, don’t follow trends. We just do us.”

Prince Navon is already the voice of a movement and one of the pioneers of the next generation of musical talent. There’s much to see, and much more to expect.






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