Toy Brandon Spices Up the City With “Spazz Out”

Toy Brandon

“Being faithful to that game, had to lay low, knocking bi*** down like legos…”

– quote from “Spazz Out”

Representing hip hop in Houston, Toy Brandon has just dropped a steaming hot single he titled “Spazz Out”. The song was released to join his line-up of songs and project releases. It reflects his natural ability to engage the world with his sounds.

In “Spazz Out”, Toy did a flawless job of combining soothing, soulful melody with ground-breaking lyrics which promises to strengthen his fanbase. His effortless ability to fully coordinate his flow in between the song is something that is highly sought after in the music scene.

Toy Brandon is a native of Baton Rouge in Louisiana and has been in hot pursuit of his music career since his childhood. In fact, his first rhymes were put together at age 11, and he began to gather an attractive number of people to himself at 15. Then, he would rack up a music show, invite street folks, and sell the tickets to homies in Baton Rouge.

By the end of 2012, Toy had already unleashed his first mixtape and was well on his way to transforming the face of hip hop in his city. Then, he, and a group of friends who gradually became his business associates would put shows together, promote the shows, and then entertain a good number of city and street folks with their live events.

As you rightly guessed, soon, Toy and his crew began a promotional brand, and the young artist tagged his music “Dope Music”. With the first project produced by this brand being ‘Most Hated; Life Like the Weekend”, “Dope Music” saw Baton Rouge’s talented emcee dish out other exciting projects to his fans over the years.

Toy is greatly inspired by music stars like Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole. He also looks forward to emulating Kanye West’s business strategies, and entrepreneurial drive. Although the rising talent recently relocated to Houston, he still remains a personality you should look out for on music starboards!

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